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Befor Moving

- Chosing the mover

The mover chosen, apart from the best quotation furnished, must hand in a complete and clear estimate. Such a document must specify the departure arrival points, volume, insurance, included and excluded services, payment terms and conditions, eventual extra services due to loading and/or unloading difficulties at one or both ends.

- Chosing the date
It is advisable to avoid, whenever possible, moving during holidays. It is absolutely necessary, once the date has been fixed, not to change it for any reason.

- Hints and characteristics of the new home or office
It is absolutely necessary that the mover knows any particular characteristic of the new home or office, such as: access only for cars or for trucks also, use of inner steps, floors, and so on. It is also advisable, whenever possible, to check the destination address before the move is made. It is essential to inform the mover about any kind of parking problems, narrow streets or forbidden traffic areas, etc. All those informations will help the mover to submit the best quotation and to contact ahead of time street police to pay and get the due parking permit, whenever required.

- Special items
It is extremely important to know the conditions of the furniture and special items which require special packing. This is the best way to avoid eventual damages, but also to submit the best and most convenient estimate.

When moving

- Not to forget:
The keys of the old house or those of the new one, but also to check if windows have been closet, as well as metal protections, basements and/or garages. Before closing the door, it is advisable to take a look around to check the house or office in order not to forget anything, but also to verify if gas, electricity and water counters have been properly closed. This can also help to note the consumption figures on each one of the counters.

- Important
Avoid the most to make the move and to make restoration works at the same time. This will stop from having different teams working in very different jobs, which can lead to confusion or damages.
Draw an inner room map of the house or office before the delivery is done. This will help our movers to unload, place and settle the goods in their real final place, where they will be unpacked, remounted and settled.

After moving

Check, together with the chief of the team and before all the movers say good-bye, in order to verify there have not been any damages to the external building or to the house or office. This helps controlling there is no broken or chopped furniture or personal effects. In such a case, it is absolutely necessary that what has just happened be specified on the delivery bill. Before signing it, it is necessary to specify clearly the type of damage and the way it happened, so that the moving company can send the immediate communication fax to the Insurance Company, in order to start the reimbursement procedures.