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«All Risk» Insurance Policy
We handle the most accurate way the goods we must transport. Nevertheless, we recommend our clients to sign an “All Risk” insurance contract, which can cover any kind of eventual damage. The Italian law (Civil Code) establishes that goods travel under the owner’s responsibility, unless a special contract is signed before the transport. Lately and thanks to the new laws, movers are obliged to furnish a “Transport insurance policy”, which states a reimbursement of only € 6.20 per Kg. of the weight of the eventual goods damaged. But that reimbursement does not consider at all the actual value of the goods moved. Our insurance agent furnishes a specific nominal certificate for the total amount to be insured. But the detailed list of the goods with their specific and not global values of each item must be furnished by the client. Every insurance certificate clearly states the expert at the destination point to be contacted immediately in case of damage or loss.